I am very happy to present my first book ... "The Red Carpet Prisoner"

The Red Carpet Prisoner


“The Red Carpet Prisoner”: Notwithstanding that this book is a biography, it contains other fascinating and valuable information deemed to help you overcome some life challenges, and especially at your extreme difficult times. Apart from the fact that the author had experienced first-hand poverty, he also knows how hard it can be to earn money these days. Because of that, the following points are listed out to help you decide wisely, whether to buy it or not:

1) If you have someone you care so much about, and for one reason or the other he was sent to the prison, buy this book and send to him. By so doing, you will be undoing or, averting some eminent serious damages that were ready to be done to him by the destructive power of imprisonment. On the other hand, this book could inspire you to turn what initially resembled your darkest night, into your brightest day.

2) If you like to know the trade that are going on in German court system: that is, the buying and selling of accused persons between the police, prosecutors and Judges on one side of the trade, and some bad German defense lawyers on the other side, buy this book!

3) If you are interested in knowing what the power of love can bring at times of extreme difficulties like deep-pain, long separation from loved ones, loss of money and properties, The Red Carpet Prisoner offers you the opportunity to know.

4) If you want to have a clear picture of how German jails look like, the behavior of prisoners and that of the prison authorities, and without you having to go in by yourself, collect this book and have a glimpse at it now!

5) If you happen to be a foreigner, especially in Germany, this book is recommended for you. It will prepare you better as a foreigner.

6) Are you interested in knowing how black Africans are being used to jail their fellow Black Africans in Germany? This book offers you the chance to know just that.

7) You did like to have an insight to how some fraudsters and their voodoo priest collaborators operate in Nigeria? This book gives you the opportunity to know exactly that!

8) If you also like to know how difficult, challenging and disadvantaged it can be to be born into a poor, and worse still, into a big polygamous home in Africa, and Nigeria in particular, this book is a perfect one for you. You will not regret having it! If you are only interested in making film out of this book, you are highly welcome as the story is a perfect one for it!

It is therefore my wish to thank you, hoping that you will have this book to your satisfaction and later come back to give us a feedback on how you feel about it.

Thanks once again and good luck,

John Akugbe.

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             The Award received by John Akugbe as a Philanthropist from Clifford

                           Ojeriakhi Imudia Memorial Foundation (COIMF).

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